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Five common signs of drainage issues

There are no specialized studies or training required to know that the water puddle formed in your basement or lawn is a sign of having some issue with your drainage system. But not every drainage issues show apparent symptoms, so you know when to call the professionals. The professionals follow many subtle signs to recognize an inadequate drainage system.
  • Standing water in the yard
The simplest sign to tell whether you are experiencing any drainage issue in your property is if you frequently notice standing water in your yard, lawn, driveway, basement, or bathroom. Such slow draining can lead to major drainage issues. Usually, standing water might indicate possible clogged drains, obstruction, septic tank, which is not filtering wastewater faster. It might be a problem within your home’s sewage system, or the sewer line from your home is clogged. Then you have to consider various drainage solutions to resolve it efficiently.
  • Soggy ground
One of the most critical signs of drainage issues is having soggy and spongy ground on your property. Although there might be many reasons why such wet spots are present around your home, terrible drainage conditions can be one of them. Having such a damp environment can be an ideal habitat for mold and mildew to grow and degrade your home’s indoor air quality, causing structural damage to your home.
  • Water stains in the basement
You can also tell if there is any draining issue in your home, depending on where you see water stains. When you venture into your basement and find a water stain on the foundation wall, it can indicate that the water is overflowing from the gutter or the soil around the foundation is not slopped adequately. If the water stain extends in a line all around the basement, it can also suggest drainage issues. If your basement floor’s surface lies below the municipal storm drains level, it can be caused by heavy rains too. Regardless of all scenarios, your internal drain system and sump pump should be able to seep out the water out of the basement, leaving out everything dry. However, if there are water stains, meaning you have drainage issues.
  • Signs of soil erosion
Unless there was no storm or heavy rain happened in your area, soil erosion could be a result of your gushing gutters, wastewater leaking, etc. Look for bare spots on your property, exposed tree roots, small gullies on slopes, soil splashes on the retaining walls, and sediment collecting in the low areas in your property or getting washed onto the pavement are some primary sing of drainage issues.
  • Migrating mulch shaped by running water
When the soil is eroded and drains away continuously, it can carve gullies on your landscape, and form silts on the pathways, and carry piles of mulch or wood chips. All these can be a sign of major draining issues if rainwater is not caused. Try changing the redirection of the water flow away from your home; if the silt is formed again, it might be from your drain water.
Watch out for such signs to avoid any such serious problems. If you act faster, you can prevent challenging property damages down the road. Rooter360 is available to help all South Florida residents to solve drainage issuesCall us now for any drainage issue and have the best solution.