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Older Homes: What are the common sewer problems?

Sewer problems should be the least problematic for anyone buying a home in South Florida and LA. But unfortunately, they are a common occurrence in older homes – even if the house has been well-maintained. However, because these problems can cause extensive damage to new owners, it is essential to be aware of them and take steps to prevent them before moving in.

Common sewer problems in older homes
Many new homeowners are not aware of the common sewer problems that can plague their homes due to the property’s age. The common sewer problems to watch out for before moving in older homes are:

·      Pipe Corrosion
Metal in your sewage line reacts to the wastewater that goes through them, causing pipe corrosion, which happens to be one of the most prevalent sewer line problems. And due to their extended lifespan and durability, metal sewage lines are a typical sight in many homes and businesses. Even if you’re not aware of it, the years of service may have eaten away at the pipe’s bottom, leaving a significant opening through which sewage might leak into your home.

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·      Sagging sewer lines

The settling and shifting of a home’s foundation affect underground sewage pipes, whether they are buried or encased in concrete slabs. In the long run, the sewer pipes beneath your home may begin to slope or sag, limiting water flow and increasing the risk of leaks and blocked sewage pipes. This can cause toxic wastewater to leak into your house or yard, creating a tremendous mess and severely threatening your family’s health.

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·      Tree roots intrusion
The older a house becomes, the more likely the sewer system will deal with faulty cracks and sagging. This may result from tree root invasion, which can cause silt build-up and obstructions in your pipes.

How can you prevent these problems?
New homeowners can prevent common sewer problems in older houses before moving in by:
  • Scheduling sewer camera inspections from a professional plumbing company near you. This inspection will help you check the state of your sewer pipes and the interior part for any possible leaks or weak places resulting from pipe corrosion or sagging.
  • Also, trenchless sewage line repair or relining will provide the quickest treatment for faulty sewer lines. The trenchless repair can be completed in a single day. It doesn’t take much time or effort to locate and remove a pipe (or replace damaged landscaping).
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