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Trenchless pipe repair, also known as sewer pipe repair, sewer pipe lining, or CIPP (cure-in-place pipe) can help save you thousands in existing plumbing pipe replacement. In the past, when a sewer pipe ruptured, the only way to repair the broken pipe was to dig up your entire yard– thankfully that was the past.

Now, there are alternatives to digging up your sewer pipes and Rooter1 is one of the licensed plumbers in the South Florida area that provide this service.


Benefits Of Trenchless Pipe Lining

  • No digging through your floors
  • Much less expensive – pipe relining costs about 50% less than excavation
  • Save your tile, wood, or marble – it’s usually impossible to find matching floor surfaces that were installed decades ago
  • Stay in your home, not a hotel – pipe relining is done from outside, so you can stay in your residence
  • Speed – pipe lining takes 1 day, not months as for pipe replacement by excavation

The plumbing can be used during installation except for 3-4 hours a day

Trenchless Sewer Repair

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