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What is the difference between Drain and Sewer?

drain is a pipe that serves only one building, conveying water and wastewater down to a sewer. Sewer (sewerage) are the underground networks of pipes that carry sewage (wastewater and dirt), wastewater and face water run-off, from rain spouts to treatment installations or disposal points.

When you are not dealing with rainspouts and drainage issues every day, keeping up with the specialized terms and differences between each can beget no end of frustration and confusion.

Still, it can also be important if you’ve had a problem with a pipe nearly on or around your property because that knowledge may mean the difference between you having to pay for the work the system needs or letting someone differently take care of it. 
Knowing the difference between a sewer and a drain is part of this because these two terms are frequently used interchangeably when they don’t inescapably relate to the same system.
Broken drains can be a real drag on your day. When your rain spouts stop flowing, it’s essential to identify the cause of the clog and remove it as soon as possible. This is a stylish way to help damage your home and geography.
Sewer problems generally accumulate over time. For utmost homeowners, the first sign of sewer problems is frequent clogs or visible leaks.


While drain clogs are veritably common there generally isn’t just one definite cause for all drain clogs. Then are just some of the most common causes of drain blockages:
  • Hair buildup: Arguably the most common cause of congested drains is hair blockages. These are generally a simple fix, but if you’re having a delicate time getting it unstopped, call an educated plumber.
  • Tree roots: Tree roots getting into your drains are also a common cause of blockages but are not nearly as simple of a fix as a hair buildup. However, you’ll surely need to call a plumber if you have tree roots blocking your pipes.
  • Grease buildup: It’s enough readily for pipes to get a grease buildup, especially in your kitchen. Still, it’s also possible to get grease-like buildup from cleaner in your restroom and shower drains.
  • Small objects: Accidents be. Occasionally small foreign objects, like jewelry or small toys, end up going down the drain and causing a clog.
To maintain your house, you need to take care of all the details. Drain line cleaning is an essential service that prevents many headaches. Call Rooter360 to avoid problems in your sewer line.